What Are Udimi Solo Ads And How It Works?

What are udimi solo ads? Udimi is an email marketing platform that has been around since 2008, where a person can buy an email list from another person who holds a well-established email list and the seller charges a small fee per click for promoting your link to their user’s list.

What Are Udimi Solo Ads

What Is A Solo Ad?

The solo ad is a simple concept, where a solo seller (seller who holds an email list) and you as a user will write an email (which includes a sales letter) to requesting for the promotion of your link to their email list for a nominal charge and that seller will send your landing page or website whatever you give on to their email list on behalf of you.

How Exactly Udimi Works?

Before that, you need to create an account on udimi (free to join) after immediately you will be redirected to your dashboard where you can manage all your orders.

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What Are Udimi Solo Ads

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What Are Udimi Solo Ads

You can find sellers by clicking “Find Sellers” tab, where you can filter sellers based on different parameters, to protect buyers from fraudulent activity “udimi itself will buy thousands of clicks from fake traffic providers after all fake clicks were delivered, they will mark them as fraud inside the system and filter for all buyers, saving them thousands of dollars”, this routine will perform daily so you don’t need to worry about fake sellers.

What Are Udimi Solo Ads

Filters that are available only on Udimi:

  • Click ring visitors filtering
  • Fake options filtering
  • Fraud sales filtering
  • Fake testimonials filtering
  • Multiple names blocking
  • High buyer/seller refund rate blocking

Here is how Udimi system filters the traffic:

  1. Detection of black hat technologies (frames, 1px images, etc)
  2. Detection of the user with no Javascript
  3. Check against an anonymous proxy database
  4. Open proxy detection and real IP detection
  5. The system gathers PC info: screen size, browser, operating system version and so on
  6. The system creates a fingerprint of the user and removes duplicates
  7. Detection of bots, worms and other non-human devices
  8. Blacklist checks: Spamhaus, SORBS, SpamCop
  9. Geolocation
  10. Connection type checks to remove visits from hosting
  11. ISP check and organization name detection
  12. VPN check and removal
  13. Anonymous check and removal
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On after passing all these filters, your traffic goes to real stats >

To see all filtered clicks, open your solo Stats screen and select Useless traffic section stats and you’ll see all filtered traffic with filtration reason for every click.

What Are Udimi Solo Ads

The pros and cons of udimi:

The Pros

  • User-friendly and free to join
  • Users are always protected by udimi from the fraudulent activities
  • You can buy an email list from a reputed seller at an affordable price
  • Each seller are verified by udimi
  • Excellent customer support
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The Cons

  • Sometimes may difficult to find an exact niche for your promotions.
For More Details Watch This Video:

For Buyers:

For Sellers:

Conclusion: On What Are Udimi Solo Ads?

You can use this platform to promote your affiliate products from Clickbank, jvzoo, Amazon or any other platform you wish, this is a very well established site, so you don’t need to worry, if anything happens udimi will refund your amount and you can pay through PayPal, so I hope you enjoy this post regarding udimi, if you have any previous experience on udimi please comment below.

Image, Text, Video Credits: udimi & pixabay

What Are Udimi Solo Ads

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  1. Informative post for beginners.
    I have been using Udimi for several years now, I have not yet found a better marketplace. High conversion rates are only encouraging. A few days ago I bought 700 clicks and got 61% opt-in and 36 sales.

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