How To Update WordPress Automatically Using Easy Update Manager

How to update WordPress automatically, It is one the important method to keep your site secure and improve your site performance and speed, yes you need to update WordPress regularly whenever they release new versions and this is not limited to WordPress core updates only, you need to update your theme and plugins also, otherwise, your website may get hacked.

How To Update WordPress Automatically

So to keep updated every time both WordPress, themes, and plugins may time consuming, to make this job easier here I will show you how to update WordPress automatically using a plugin called “Easy Update Manager”.

Easy Update Manager

How To Update WordPress Automatically

Easy Updates Manager is a powerful plugin which enables you to manage all types of updates on your website. Easy Updates Manager is no 1 choice among many WordPress users because it provides full control of their websites updates. It has endless features and settings that can use on your website for better security and performance.

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Some of the features I personally like on Easy update manager

  1. WordPress Version in Footer – This setting will remove the WordPress version in the admin footer on your website.
  2. The ability to select which users can still see and perform updates.
  3. The ability to update some third party plugins.
  4. Multisite support- yes you can use this plugin for multisite also.

Installing Easy Updates Manager

Go to plugins select add new plugins, search “easy update manager” and click install and activate.

How To Update WordPress Automatically

Settings Of Easy Updates Manager

For settings select Updates options from your dashboard.

How To Update WordPress Automatically

Here you will see a number of tabs, under which you can configure the update options for your website.

General Settings:

In general settings, you will see a ton of options and here if you select Automatic updates “on” means your site is ready for auto updates which include WordPress core, theme and plugins.

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How To Update WordPress Automatically

If you want more control over your automatic updates, you can choose “Custom Option”, This option will provide you an additional set of options so you can enable or disable updates individually for WordPress core, plugins and theme.

How To Update WordPress Automatically

How To Update WordPress Automatically

If you want to include or exclude certain plugins and themes from auto updates choose “select individually” option and select which plugins and themes you need to include or exclude from auto updates, after selecting this option you need to choose “plugins and themes tab”.

How To Update WordPress Automatically

How To Update WordPress Automatically

In plugins tab, you can choose which plugins need to include or exclude from auto updates.

For themes the same thing you need to do select themes tab and choose which theme you need to include or exclude from auto updates, “this is useful for WordPress multisite”.

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How To Update WordPress Automatically

Still, a lot of options you will get on “Easy update manager” like “hide WordPress version from the admin panel, Major Releases, Minor Releases, Development Updates(Only for advance Users), Translation Updates, log files”, here I covered only important basic settings, and for more options, obviously you can check and test.

Conclusion: How To Update WordPress Automatically, regular updates make your site safe and secure, it will improve site performance so it is necessary to keep updates, at the same time make sure to take backups of your site regularly, if anything goes wrong you can restore it easily. Recommended plugin for backup use “Updraft Plus“.

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