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What Is Dropshipping?

Alidropship plugin, if you are not familiar with dropshipping, it’s a business model where you, as a store owner, don’t need to buy products in advance. You just add a necessary product (Prefer Aliexpress) to your site and when someone purchases it, you buy it from a supplier who ships this item directly to your customer.

dropshipping model

So, when starting an online business, it lets you easily avoid the hassles of things like developing products, tracking inventory, setting up warehouse space, and maintaining a confusing shipping/receiving infrastructure. Drop shipping is considered a low-risk business model making it great for new entrepreneurs.

Why Alidropship Plugin?

The Alidropship plugin is a premium WordPress plugin that can do the things that I truly hate with dropshipping like getting an item for each element from Aliexpress, downloading pictures and bringing in to my store, checking the transportation choices on the off chance that it has epacket, and so on., and this plugin can do these things automatically, with only a push of button.

That’s why I choose Alidropship plugin for my woocommerce store, everybody talks about Shopify platform but I personally feel you need to go for WordPress because you will get more control over your site.

alidropship 25% off image


How to Purchase & Download Alidropship Plugin

Step 1: To purchase Alidropship Plugin you need to visit Alidropship site that looks like this CLICK HERE TO VISIT

dropshipping image1

Step 2: Coupon auto applied, after applying coupon your total amount will be $ 66.75.

dropshipping image2

Step 3: Proceed to complete your order by entering your correct email address and payment method, you can choose either credit card or Paypal for payment.

dropshipping image3

Step 4: Now press complete order button and your order will be placed you will be redirected to plugin download page with the license code.

dropshipping image4

Now here is the important thing you need to know, Alidropship plugin comes with two variants, one Alidropship plugin and another one Alidropship woo plugin since am talking about woocommerce you can install Alidropship woo plugin, since it gives more power to you for installing third-party woocommerce plugins and other important WordPress plugins, and you can choose your own theme that may purchase from any author like ThemeForest, this is possible only if you install Alidropship woo plugin, but in case for Alidropship plugin you don’t need to purchase extra theme which is inbuilt with Alidropship plugin itself, and also you may get some more additional features that are not available in Alidropship woo plugin, but I don’t know more about Alidropship plugin, since am using woocommerce well choice is Alidropship woo plugin.

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Best mobile optimized woocommerce theme for WordPress is puca theme link given below:

Best Woocommerce WordPress Theme In 2018, Puca – Optimized Mobile Woocommerce Theme


After Installing puca theme I get this result from google page speed.

Best Woocommerce WordPress Theme In 2018

desktop page speed image 2

mobile page speed image1

Now let us continue the topic……

Now you decided to download Alidropship woo plugin, make sure your hosting is enabled ioncube loader because Alidropship woo plugin comes with encrypted form and for decrypting it needs ioncube loader without this it won’t work or install, the best choice for hosting I recommend Alidrophip hosting itself, they have everything ready for Alidropship you don’t need to take a headache for installing the plugin, they will do installation, setup everything for you, you just need to select a hosting plan and my personal experience their hosting is blazing fast, and support excellent, am not forcing you to choose their hosting, this is just my opinion you can choose whichever hosting you want just make sure that supports Alidropship plugin and WordPress.


dropshipping image5

Why Alidropship Hosting?

  • Perfectly optimized for AliDropship plugin
  • High performance and fast site loading speeds
  • 24/7 support and free website setup
  • Easy to manage cPanel
  • Free SSL certificate included

Now I hope everything is ready, after installing the Alidropship woo plugin from your end, it will open a dashboard! and before proceeding, you need to activate the plugin by entering the license key.

dropshipping image6

dropshipping image7

enter your license key, click on activate your plugin will be activated now let’s see one by one setting of the Alidropship woo plugin


dropshipping image8

This is why this plugin is more powerful and easy to use, in import product settings, you can import any product in any category from aliexpress with a click of a button, to import products you need to provide some parameters like select category, keywords if any( means “cat” “dog” “t-shirt”), price range, purchase volume (means how many products sold for an individual seller), feedback, not necessary to select all the options here, you can choose whatever you want, this is one way you can import products from Aliexpress, another way is by using Alidropship CHROME EXTENSION

dropshipping image9

Make sure you’re using chrome browser ( only works with chrome), after installing the chrome extension, you will see a small icon, click on that icon and connect your store with chrome extension, after connected successfully, it looks like this!

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dropshipping image10

Now go to aliexpress site, you can import products in bulk or single, completely depends on you

dropshipping image11

Here you can see there is an option appears on the above page, click on import button to import product as it is, later on, you can edit images description price on your WordPress site or my method is not directly importing the product, one of the best feature Alidropship plugin having image editing feature, to open this feature you need click on edit button, an editing window will appear.

dropshipping image12

see the above pic, after opening editing window, can directly change the title, description, etc, for some reasons I blur the category section here!

dropshipping image13

play around the tool to know more, now see there is a text appears with an image, that looks truly unprofessional so to remove that usual procedure is you need to manually download each photo and editing done through photoshop or any other tools, it’s really a big headache to avoid this alidropship plugin provides a fantastic editing facility, by using that you can remove any text without importing the product to your store.

alidropship plugin overview5

editing tools look like this, choose the brush from the right side and click on the text that will disappear within a second how awesome know!


click on settings you will see more options there, general, pricing, updates, & nice attributes, let us see one by one!

dropshipping image16

In general settings, you will get a cash back url page, here you can register for cash back program, so every time you order an item from aliexpress you will get a decent amount of cashback awesome know! don’t change any other settings there, keep as it is, now further move to price settings

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alidropship plugin overview2

This is a very important part of alidropship plugin, here you can set pricing rule according to your product, for example, if you import an item of value $10 (your price) and you need to sell it for $30 (customer price) so to do that everytime you need to enter manually, to make job more easier you can use pricing formula, for that example if you want $10 product to be shown as $30 you just need to configure if the price of item is less than $10 and less than $12 multiply $3 with the price do you understand, you need to play around with these settings otherwise you wont understand!

dropshipping image18

updates settings, here you can choose some of the settings that are very important for your site, here main settings are auto update of inventory on your site from aliexpress, means if an item is out of stock therein aliexpress, what you will do, you need to manually delete or make unavailable of that item know! so here comes the solution here you need to make everything is auto settings, so if any item disappears from aliexpress, that will automatically be updated on your site also! fantastic know!

alidropship plugin overview1

Attribute settings there is nothing to do there, just leave everything as it is!

alidropship plugin overview

The last and final settings “import review settings” this is really awesome from Alidropship plugin, here you can import Alidropship reviews directly to your site, fantastic know! some of the settings is import reviews my country only, import reviews with images only, translate reviews to my language, just go through each and every setting if you have any doubt regarding Alidropship woo plugin just send a message to me through facebook messenger I will try to reply for your query as soon as possible!

alidropship plugin post banner

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