Why should you Prefer AliDropship Custom Store Instead Of Alidropship Plugin?


AliDropship Custom Store – Why should you Prefer AliDropship Custom Store Instead Of Alidropship Plugin?

Alidropship Custom Store is a readymade online store like other conventional stores, but the only difference is that it is specifically made for an online business like drop shopping e-commerce business. This store is developed by the professional developers. It is the best option for those who didn’t know how to make their store online. It is the perfect solution and many people even prefer this readymade Alidropship store.

AliDropship Custom Store

Alidropship Plugin

Alidropship is simply an online premium plugin, which does a specific function, just like the other plugins available in the market. It is basically designed to fulfill all the requirements of the drop shipping. The Alidropship Plugin is very easy to use. The plugin comes with two different versions

Alidropship plugin for WordPress

Alidropship plugin for woo commerce

The unique function of Alidropship plugin is that it converts the WordPress HTML websites into a drop shipping e-commerce business website.

Alidropship Custom Store

Alidropship Custom Store vs Alidropship Plugin

Alidropship Plugin comprises of many features like search and import, auto-updating, price automation, fulfill orders automatically, e-packet shipping filters, auto order tracking. But the Airdropship plugin lacks many important features. Let’s have at them in the lines below!

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Alidropship Custom Store features

Alidropship Custom Store comprises of many unique and advanced features, unlike the Airdropship plugin. Alidropship Custom Store offers all the features of Alidropship plugin. Whether it is e-packet shipping filters or auto order tracking, Alidropship custom store is fully equipped with all the Alidropship Plugin features. Above all these features, here comes the exciting part!. Alidropship custom store offers many additional advanced features too. The additional features are as follows.

Alidropship Custom Store

  1. Automated Dropshipping solution

This feature of the Alidropship Custom Store relieves us from doing the stressful work search the products from a huge store of AliExpress. The automated Dropshipping solution, not only does the search part, but it also enables the user to modify the products manually and manage the order to user’s fulfillment. This feature of Alidropship Custom Store really saves us from doing the hectic job of searching the products and modifying them later on. It also features an all in one dashboard. This dashboard monitors all the information regarding the user’s sales, stats, and all activities. The Automated Dropshipping solution does almost all of the task, which is required by the user. The few of the many tasks done by Automated Dropshipping solution are, placing the orders, tracking the orders, price editing, e-packet shipping filters, maintaining different social media accounts for the promotion of the products, product updates and many more.

  1. One Time Payment
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It is pretty beneficial for the user that Alidropship Custom Store requires a one-time payment only. This feature really facilities the user. There will be no regular fee to maintain the business after it. Whatever the sales, a user has done, he is allowed to keep all the profit with himself. There is a percentage share for it. And last but not least, the user will not be charged any processing fee if the payment is made through any special service.

  1. All-Inclusive Web Store

This all-inclusive web store is what its name looks like. All inclusive web store is a complete package. It provides the full e-commerce solution package. This web store comes with comes already imported products, that can sell immediately. It also offers a shopping cart that enables a seamless purchase procedure.

  1. Marketing and Promotion
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Alidropship Custom Store prepares the store for social media promotion because it is a great way of selling the products by promoting them on social media sites. Accounts are made on various social media sites to promote the products. It also creates awareness among the people about the products and offers.

5. Deep Niche Research

Alidropship management team will help you to do niche research using Google Trends and Google Adwords tools, they will do in-depth research to make sure your niche has stable long-term positions, is in demand now and has great potential in future, and In addition, they will check your competitors and do effective keywords research.

6. Purchase A Premium Domain

They will find and buy for you an attractive (.com) domain name that fits your niche and your business, will be search engine friendly domain names that are short and easy to remember.

7. Well Optimized SEO theme

The Alidropship Custom Store comes with professionally designed themes created for high conversions. All the designs are responsive and look great in any browser, device or operating system.

Alidropship Custom Store

Alidropship Custom Store Plans And Pricing

Alidropship Custom Store

Alidropship Custom Store



  1. Am planning to start my own drop shipping business soon, first I thought Shopify is the best but later on realized that we need to spend too much money to make our store run, & I spend hours to know about alidropship plugin, very positive and cost effective, anyway thanks for sharing this post….

  2. Usually, I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job Man. Best article I have ever read

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