Best Blogging Tools

Best Blogging Tools And Resources 2018

Best blogging tools 2018, now a days a lot of competition are there in blogging industry each and every blogger’s dream, to gain some popularity and of course money making through blogging, so as to maintain a blog in a professional way you need to put your effort and time.

Best Wordpress Caching Plugin 2018

Best WordPress Caching Plugin 2018

Wordpress Caching Plugin, Speeding up your website is very important to stay in competition, if the website loads faster, your visitor will stay longer on your site and enjoys browsing so your website will get high traffic, means your bounce rate decrease and the earning will increase, for WordPress users one the best method to increase speed and performance is using plugins.

Best Wordpress Security Plugins 2018

Best WordPress Security Plugins 2018

Best WordPress Security Plugins 2018 Best WordPress security plugins 2018, WordPress is most popular blogging platform in the world, millions of users are using WordPress, WordPress itself is a very secure platform, but sometimes your WordPress site may expose to vulnerabilities, due to third-party themes and

What Are Udimi Solo Ads And How It Works?

What are udimi solo ads? Udimi is an email marketing platform that has been around since 2008, where a person can buy an email list from another person who holds a well-established email list and the seller charges a small fee per click for promoting your link to their user’s list.

How To Update Wordpress Automatically

How To Update WordPress Automatically Using Easy Update Manager

How to update WordPress automatically, It is one the important method to keep your site secure and improve your site performance and speed, yes you need to update WordPress regularly whenever they release new versions and this is not limited to WordPress core updates only, you need to update your theme and plugins also, otherwise, your website may get hacked.

Yoast SEO

Major Bug Found In Yoast SEO V7.0- Causes Ranking Drop In Google

A major bug found in Yoast SEO v7.0, the bug affected ranking in google for many users, are you one of them, then please read this and take immediate action,  The founder of Yoast, Joost de Valk, personally offered an apology to victims of the error that may have suffered “Panda algorithm problems” and lost search rankings as a consequence.